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Become A Caregiver
grievance support
  • Grievance Support Services – The services are provided to cater bereaved families during and after the death of a loved one. We offer assistance to help cope and also ease some of the burdens of the upcoming days and tasks.
  • Call Support – Phone calls are made to friends and family to let them know about your loved one’s death.
  • Meal Organization – Makes sure that the family is eating and staying hydrated. Organize food brought to the home from neighbors, friends, and relatives. Plan and organize catered meals.
  • List of preferred caterers.
  • Shopping for the Deceased – Ask for 3 options and sizes. Outerwear, undergarments, socks, belt, jewelry, hat, earrings, bracelet, watch, and any other accessories. (We will send photos for approval.)
  • Pick Up & Drop Off Services – Food, items for funeral services, take clothes to the dry cleaners, photo restoration. ( .50 a mile outside of 10miles)
  • Servers – to serve drinks and food.
  • Counseling Services – Present for emotional support.
  • Massage – A licensed massage therapist will give you a relaxing massage.